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CTO / Co-Founder

Trouperly, London

CTO / Co-Founder




Entertainment & Leisure

Full Time

06 Feb, 2022

Company Mission

Trouperly is a travel company all about people. Who you share experiences with is a hugely important aspect of travel, but until now customers have no choice or input into who those people will be.

Based on 15 years experience running a social adventure club, Trouperly aims to harness people-power in the booking process. A sense of community creates an encouraging booking environment that leads to high conversion rates and high repeat bookings (just think how many times you’ve done something purely because your friends are doing it).

I need a tech co-founder to join me in making this concept a reality. I need a business partner who will come on board for a very substantial equity share and work alongside me to get this to market and to funding. Due to the stage the business is at this is an unpaid role in exchange for the large equity stake. We share the risks but we’ll share the rewards too. I do not expect the person to be in a position to work full time therefore, but I would expect them to be able to dedicate significant amounts of time to it one way or another.

In addition to the appropriate technical skills needed to build a fairly complex platform with unique messaging capabilities, I am seeking someone who will understand the vision I have and be able to contribute to this through your technical insight, and who is passionate about finding ways for new technology to improve our product for our community.

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