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Production Lead

Biohm, London

Production Lead




Products & Inventions



Full Time

06 Feb, 2022

Company Mission

Biohm aims to make our built environment healthier and more sustainable through the development of bio-based materials and circular construction systems.

As a Production Lead at Biohm you will be a key member of our production process; taking on a leadership role in product manufacturing as we deliver on a variety of projects and scale up our operations. As Biohm continues to challenge perceptions and inspire change in industry we are looking to expand our team of pioneers with an experienced, creative and tenacious maker, who thrives through embracing problem solving and change whilst contributing to the development of new production methods and processes.

What you need to be great at... ​​

Confident maker | In-depth knowledge of various production methods (heat pressing, compression moulding, injection, extrusion, laser cutting, CNC machining, etc.), machinery and tooling. In-depth knowledge of the structure and function of production equipment. Passionate and enthusiastic about intelligent and craft-like making. Bio-based/Natural Material Enthusiast | Preferably with past experience in working with natural / bio-based materials and be competent in understanding their qualities and behaviour when exposed to different environments. Climate Action Champion | Passionate about taking immediate action to address our climate crisis and determined to make significant impact - we're just a bunch of sophisticated hippies really! Proactive problem solver | Creative and engaged in coming up with solutions and ideas on how to improve machinery, production lines and procedures; not afraid to experiment and try new things; and always looking for new potential to innovate. Be able to apply analytical thinking to troubleshoot and resolve production issues when required. Organised and forward thinking | Take ownership of time management and workload to achieve efficient outcomes. Demonstrate your ability to work independently to a production schedule whilst adhering to all safety guidelines, standards and material handling instructions in the facility. Outspoken and engaged | Open-minded, able to speak your mind in conversations and discussions, not afraid to disagree, and also creative and curious about all aspects of the company. Compulsive co-operator | Not afraid to ask for help or consult team members; able to involve, engage and lead other team members; able to communicate technical details and progress in a succinct and clear way; patient and gentle whilst explaining concepts and processes to people with different expertise. Relaxed and optimistic | Realistic and honest about not knowing something; confident in your decisions but able to learn from failure; motivated and determined to always try again. Confident driver | UK Driving licence is required as you will occasionally need to manage collections and deliveries.

Your work will require... ​​

Ownership | Become an integral and trusted member of the team; take extreme ownership of your work and for the deliverables produced by your team. Demonstrate an exceptional attention to detail and a passion for producing high-quality & dependable work. Getting stuff done | Support the Innovation team by advising on production processes whilst executing and delivering on projects as they arise. Teamwork | Working in a team of passionate people that want to change the world is a great opportunity to make an impactful contribution; ask great questions, and learn from others.

What you will be doing... ​

Manage production | Efficiently operate factory equipment and manage the process as a whole. Take ownership of the entire making process from processing by-products, measuring, grading and feeding batches of raw material into production machinery to applying finishing touches. Ensure the products are fully inspected, check for defects and be able to identify and distinguish between colours and textures. Make sure all products delivered to our clients are fabricated and finished to the highest standards. Assist in the packing and shipment of items. Design for Manufacture | Use your production knowledge and expertise to assist and advise the Product Development team during the design for manufacture stage of the projects in order to optimise the production capability. Production planning | Work closely with the Innovation and Project Management teams in order to accurately plan the workload and operating capacity of the facility to meet the production and schedule requirements. Prepare production documents such as standard operating procedures, manufacturing batch records, inventory reports and productivity reports. Equipment maintenance | Ensure all machinery runs smoothly and tools are in excellent working condition, perform repairing works where required. Frequently monitor the production process and carry out basic testing and quality checks. Production development | Monitor and adjust production processes or equipment for the optimum quality and productivity. Advice on new machinery and production methodology. Apply a militant approach when developing processes so that they comply with high environmental standards; take inspiration from nature and try to avoid the brute force currently used in the manufacturing industry.

As we are still at an early stage of development, we are only able to offer start-up pay. However, things are progressing rapidly, so please bear in mind that there is scope for pay progression in line with our growth!

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